The alt-light or alt-right light, is, as one might guess, a more moderate version of the alt-right. It consists of people like Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes who, Richard Spencer says, are "taking their energy from the alt-right".[1] Proponents of the alt-light are called "alt-lightists".[2] Richard said in December 2015 that it was unclear whether the alt-light was hurting the alt-right by "taking energy and pushing it towards mainstream places" or whether it was actually helping the alt-right by being a so-called "gateway drug". Richard concluded that it "is an interesting phenomenon" and that there had been an "alt-rightification of the mainstream".[1] In December 2016, Richard also described Mike Cernovich as a proponent of the alt-light. Richard said that the alt-light was facing "a major problem":[3][4]

People like Mike Cernovich and Milo don’t have an ideology; they don’t even really have policies that you can point to. They are Trump fans, who are vaguely conservative and a bit neocon-ish. They don’t like feminists and SJWs (social justice warriors); in other words, they pick the low-hanging fruit.[3][4]

He added that the alt-light had "hitched its wagon to 'free speech'" and that the catch was:[3][4]

There’s clearly some free speech they don’t like, particularly regarding race and Jewish activism and influence. In order for the Alt-Light to maintain its current position—playing footsie with the real Alt-Right and playing footsie with establishment conservatives—they are going to have to engage in thought-policing and disavows.[3][4]


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