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Anthime Gionet,[1] also known as Tim Treadstone, also known as Baked Alaska on Twitter, is an alt-Rightist Twitter personality and former rapper.[2][3] Anthime released a trap-genre track called the 'MAGA Anthem' or 'Make America Great Again Anthem'.[4] In late December 2016, he anounced: 'I have quit the rap game and I am working, my next project, I'm working on a country album. So I'm now a country star, I'm never rapping again. This is, I'm serious.'[5] Anthime uses a stage name partly to protect his parents, who are missionaries to Russia and help orphans in that country. He has five adopted Russian sisters.[6] Anthime is from Alaska. In January 2017, he said he had been 'living in LA for a while'.[7] He is Milo Yiannopoulos's former manager.[2] He is a former supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.[2]

Time at 'BuzzFeed'

Anthime once worked at 'BuzzFeed'.[2] He has said that he has 'never seen a more toxic environment, as far as political correctness goes', than the one he saw at 'BuzzFeed'. 'This was the craziest environment I've ever been in,' he says. One day he got chewed out by a white female employee when he said that Justin Bieber was his spirit animal. She claimed he was 'culturally appropriating Native American people'.[8]

Time at 'Breitbart'

Anthime once worked at 'Breitbart News'.[9] He says he finds it hilarious when people throw around the accusation that Steve Bannon is an anti-Semite because he's worked for Steve and he's 'never seen more yarmulkes in a news network' than he saw at 'Breitbart'. 'The amount of Orthodox Jews that work at "Breitbart" is amazing, like there's so many of them,' says Anthime. He says that Steve Bannon 'loved Jewish people, he embraced them, he brought them into his company in a big way'.[10]


Banned by Mike Cernovich

Anthime was banned from the Deploraball, a 'massive, 1,000-person extravaganza to celebrate the inauguration of President-Elect Trump' he helped plan.[2] He was banned by a co-organiser[11] of the event named Mike Cernovich.[2] Richard Spencer defended Anthime and called Mike a proponent of the alt-light.[2] Anthime says that Mike was the one who leaked out his real name to the public on his blog,[12]

Anthime's response

Anthime has said the reason he was banned from Deploraball was that 'Mike got upset because' he 'was tweeting some things that involved Jewish people" and that Mike 'is not a fan of free speech'. Anthime feels that the 'Trump movement' is 'about truth and the truth isn't always fun'. He has been clear that he 'doesn't hate Jews', but he's 'not afraid to talk about any type of issue'.[13]

Anthime has said that what Mike does 'is all about his books' and is concerned about what 'the media thinks about Deploraball'. Anthime says the sad thing he has to expose is this: 'There are people in this movement that have not only hijacked the narrative for their own monetary gains, but they've actively campaigned against elements of truth that must be brought out into the light.'[13]

Milo Yiannopoulos's plans to attend

A Deploraball organiser told 'The Daily Beast' 'that after a falling out, Yiannopoulos did not want to attend the event if Treadstone would also be present.'[2] Milo has Jewish ancestry on his mother's side.[14]

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