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Bradley Dean Griffin,[1][2] who uses the pen name Hunter Wallace both on Twitter (@occdissent) and on,[2] a website that has been described by "Rolling Stone" magazine as an "influential white nationalist site",[2] grew up in Eufaula, Alabama.[3] He resides in Midway, Alabama.[4]


Brad identifies as an alt-Rightist in an article he posted on titled "My Alt-Right Biography".[3] Brad writes: "My life was pretty ordinary until my second year in college at Auburn University in 2001." Late that year, he came across Pat Buchanan's book "The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Culture and Civilization". This book cemented his worldview. Brad also enjoys reading Peter Brimelow, Jared Taylor and Sam Francis. Brad became convinced that the white race was slated to become a minority in the United States. He came across and was active there "for a few years". He started his account on in September 2001 with the username NjEcTiOn.[5][6] Brad voted for Al Gore rather than George Bush.[3] Like the rest of the alt-Right,[7] he "hated the Iraq War".[3] According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, his first blog was "Anti-Semitica".[4] After being active on the Internet in various ways, he went on to found[3] Additionally, he is the news editor for[4]

Views on Zionism and race

Below is a post by user NjEcTiOn on, who is responding to a guest using the username Neon Genesis:

It's worth mentioning that Brad has also written on "Anti-Semitica": "I’ve said before that we should abandon anti-Semitism if Jews were willing to redress our grievances." The context he said this in was an article he wrote about a man named Tanstaafl, whose wife was half Jewish and therefore bore children that were one-fourth Jewish, his children. In the article he was advocating for other white people to accept Tanstaafl, who had disclosed this information about his family shortly before Brad wrote the article.[8]

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