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"Daily Stormer", "The Daily Stormer" or dailystormer.com is an openly anti-Semitic[5] news[6] website that was founded and is run by Andrew Anglin, who, according to "Salon", is "regarded as one of the three most influential figures in the alt-right".[7][1] "Daily Stormer" self-identifies as part of the alt-right.[8] Andrew has said: "I am an unapologetic fan of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP."[9] He lives in Ohio.[1] As of May 2017, a Castilian-language version of "Daily Stormer", "El Daily Stormer", is also available.[4]

Origin of name?

The Southern Poverty Law Centre asserts that "Daily Stormer" takes its name from the National Socialist, anti-Semitic newspaper "Der Stürmer",[10] which "was published by Julius Streicher from 1923 almost continuously through to the end of World War II". Julius published the first copy of "Der Stürmer" on 20 April 2017, to respond to people who were accusing him of being "a liar, a coward, of having unsavory friends, mistreating his wife, and of flirting with women". The judgement against him at Nürnberg called him "Jew-Baiter Number One".[11]

Holocaust and Jews

Andrew has written an article in his "Daily Stormer" saying "Hamas Makes Funny Comments on the Holohoax". In it, he says that "Iran seems to be the only Moslem country who is coming out and saying the facts: the Holocaust is a gigantic hoax."[12] In the title, he is referring to part of a speech made by Hamas MP Marwan Abu Ras in early 2015. Here is part of that speech:

France, which leads the offense against the Prophet Muhammad in our times, sends thousands of tons of shells (to Israel). Germany, which wants to make amends for its historical sin toward the Jews, does so at our expense, as if through us it will atone for its sins against the Jews. How is it our fault? What did we have to do with your burning of the Jews? Were the Jews burned for no fault of their own? Their conspiracies and treachery are what led to their being burned. Their deception and plots against humanity led to their being burned. They conspired against all people—even against those who were benevolent toward them. They stabbed in the back even those who were good to them. They command no good and forbid no evil. Germany knows this full well. It is therefore the West that supplies this illegitimate, foundling, so-called "state" with weapons of destruction.[13]

Andrew doesn't want the Jews to be exterminated, rather he wants the Jews in the United States to be "rounded up and deported to Israel". In addition, he wants the US to cut off any type of support for Israel. He says that if aid is cut off, "they're just going to get exterminated by the Arabs anyway." He adds: "They made their bed, they can go ... lie in it."[14]

No-violence policy

"Daily Stormer" has a strict no-violence policy:

SPLC lawsuit

On 18 April 2017, the SPLC filed a lawsuit against Andrew in the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana, Missoula Division, alleging he unleashed a "troll storm" on a real estate agent of Whitefish, Montana named Tanya Gersh, who, according to "Daily Inter Lake", is "a member of the Jewish community".[10][15] Tanya has called on Richard Spencer's mom, Sherry, to sell a building she owns at 22 Lupfer Avenue, Whitefish "and then use the money to help human rights causes". Tanya has accused Sherry of "profiting off of the people of the local community, all the while having facilitated Richard’s work spreading hate by letting him live and use her home address for his organization", whereas Sherry has said she "loves her son, but does not agree with his 'extreme positions'".[16] Richard has called the SPLC's lawsuit "beyond ridiculous".[17]


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