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Henrik Palmgren (Götaland, Sweden)[1] founded redicecreations.com in 2003, a site that was first "a video, graphics and music project but quickly grew into a pursuit of the truth". In 2006, he started the "Red Ice Radio Show". In 2016, he started "Red Ice TV",[2][3] whose co-host is his wife, Russian-US American Lana Lokteff.[4] The "Red Ice" part of the name stems from the Ginnungagap Norse concept of how the world came to be.[5][1] According to "Encyclopædia Britannica", "Ginnungagap, in Norse and Germanic mythology," is "the void in which the world was created."[6] In the Icelandic book "The Prose Edda", it is said that "heat and cold met" in this Ginnungagap and brought about the existence of "a giant frost ogre named Ymir", who was one day killed and from whose body the world was made.[5] Henrik is for the furtherance of European interests, by which he undoubtedly means the interests of people of European descent.[2] He is also a member of the crew for altright.com.[7]

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