The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei
Ali Khamenei delivers Nowruz message

Iranians are the people of Iran and are sometimes called Persians.[1] Although the words "Persian" and "Iranian" are used interchangeably, Jason Jorjani explains the situation in depth: "The Persians are one group of Iranians, the culturally dominant ones."[2] The name "Iran" is etymologically related to the word "Aryan" and derives from the Old Persian word "ariya-", a cognate of the Sanskrit word "arya-", which means "compatriot" or "noble, of good family".[3][4] It has been asserted by people like Jason Jorjani and Reza Aslan that ancient Iranians were whites.[5][6] Reza has said that, "If we went back in time 1,700 years to the mythological era, all Iranians would look like Jake Gyllenhaal."[6] Aryanism is a strong force as an ideology in Iran today.[6][5]


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