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Pegida Banner, Lügenpresse Banner
'Lügenpresse', a German compound word composed of 'Lügen' (lies)[1] and 'Presse' (press),[2] is, according to duden.de, 'a keyword for media, especially newspapers and periodicals, about whom it is alleged that they are being politically, ideologically or economically influenced to conceal or falsify information and thus to manipulate public opinion'.[3] It is used by supporters of PEGIDA, supporters of Donald Trump and has also been used by Richard Spencer, who has called the mainstream media the Lügenpresse.[4][5] According to a poll, one in every five Germans hold the media to be a Lügenpresse.[6] Ironically, 'The Washington Post', which undoubtedly is part of the mainstream media, lies about 'Lügenpresse', calling it an anti-Semitic word.[4]


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