Sigmar Gabriel


Sigmar Gabriel (12 September 1959, Goslar am Harz, Germany)[2] is a Social Democratic Party of Germany politician who has been the Minister of Foreign Affairs since January 2017. Sigmar is a grammar teacher by profession.[3]

Stinkefinger incident

One memorable moment was when Sigmar showed his Stinkefinger, that is, the middle finger, to a group of young, mostly masked, protesters. One of the protesters said to him: "Mensch, dein Vater hat sein Land geliebt. Und was tust du? Du zerstörst es." This means: "Man, your father loved his land. And what do you do? You destroy it."[4] Then they can be heard chanting: "Wer hat uns verraten? Sozialdemokraten." This means: "Who has betrayed us? Social democrats." According to "Die Welt", Sigmar's father "was his whole life long a staunch national socialist".[5]


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