Southern Poverty Law Centre


The Southern Poverty Law Centre is a leftist[1] activist[2] US American organisation, founded in 1971.[3][4] In 2013, an Equal Opportunity officer in the US military revealed to the public via Fox News anonymously – for fear of reprisal – that the US military was relying on the SPLC "for information on 'extremist' groups".[4] The SPLC claims to have dismantled "some of the nation's [the US's] most violent white supremacist groups" through its lawsuits and styles itself a champion of the weak and vulnerable.[3] At the same time, it praises those who show their "commitment to Israel".[5] The President of the SPLC, Richard Cohen, boasts that he brought "down the Confederate battle flag from the Alabama State Capitol". Richard became the President of the SPLC in 2003 and has been in the SPLC since 1986.[6] In 2014, the FBI stopped recommending the SPLC as a resource for information on "hate groups", something it had previously done.[7]


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